Liberals Tacitly Acknowledge that Tony Abbott Lies

Image courtesy of  No copyright infringement intended.

Image courtesy of No copyright infringement intended.

A startling article in today’s Murdoch rag The Daily Telegraph has revealed that the Liberal Party purchased the domain name on the day of this year’s Federal Budget, May 13. The domain redirects to, the Liberal Party’s national website. The Abbott Proof Fence considers this to be a tacit acknowledgement by the Liberal Party of the broken promises in the Federal Budget.

On the eve of last year’s Federal Election, 6 September 2013, Tony Abbott said in a live SBS interview from the Penrith football stadium the following:-

“No cuts to education, no cuts to health, no change to pensions, no change to the GST and no cuts to the ABC or SBS.”

With the exception of “no change to the GST” the LNP Government broke all of these promises in the budget.  You can view a video of the SBS interview at SBS’s website by clicking here.

The article in today’s Daily Telegraph is an example of a recent change of mood in the Murdoch papers which was reflected upon by Bob Ellis in his article on Independent Australia on 8 August 2014 – Team Australia – The tipping point. Mindful that today’s article may be pulled from the Daily Telegraph’s website upon the direction of either their Master, Rupert Murdoch, or the LNP, we reproduce the article in full below.

Image courtesy of No copyright infringement intended.

Image courtesy of No copyright infringement intended.


Liberal Party registers to beat Labor to digital punch

THE LIBERAL Party has embraced the unusual political strategy of registering the domain name “Abbott Lies’’ as a website address and redirecting all traffic to Liberal website promoting the May budget.

Stung by accusations that Tony Abbott has broken promises as Prime Minister, the Liberal Party decided to beat Labor to the punch and register the address

But the attempt by digital natives within the Coalition to get ahead of the game has backfired with Labor openly mocking the bizarre strategy.

Anyone who types in the address “Abbott lies’’ is now redirected to an image of Joe Hockey beaming behind a banner that urges readers to “lean more’ about the 2014 budget. The web traffic is immediately diverted to

According to domain registry documents the website was registered by the Liberal Party of Australia on May 13, the same day that Joe Hockey delivered his first budget.

Labor leader Bill Shorten said the decision of the Liberal Party to register the domain name was a spectacular own goal.

“Tony Abbott’s lies are up in lights for everyone to see at,’’ Mr Shorten said.

“He can try all the tricks and excuses he likes, it won’t change the fact that he has broken his promises.

“Tony Abbott knew exactly what he was doing, he knew Australians would be angry about his lies — that’s why he bought these websites.’’

Mr Shorten said the fact it was registered on the same day as the budget was a inadvertently fitting.

“On the very night when Tony Abbott was breaking all his promises, the Liberal Party was buying these websites,’’ he said.

: I think there is an incredibly irony when people type in and they get redirected to the Liberal Party’s main website.’’

The website strategy comes just days after the Prime Minister Tony Abbott and the Attorney General George Brandis were mocked over their attempts to explain plans to ask telcos to store metadata for longer to protect Australia against crime and terrorism attacks.

Vivien Fleming

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  1. According to AuDA, the Australian Domain Name Registar. The following record details for the domain exist.

    Domain Name
    Last Modified 13-May-2014 07:17:16 UTC
    Registrar ID Melbourne IT
    Registrar Name Melbourne IT
    Status ok
    Registrant Liberal Party of Australia
    Registrant ID ABN 15217882958
    Eligibility Type Other
    Registrant Contact ID Z139995949925914
    Registrant Contact Name dontchange
    Registrant Contact Email
    Tech Contact ID Z139995949925913
    Tech Contact Name Wys Tech
    Tech Contact Email
    Name Server
    Name Server
    Name Server

    Note that the domain was registered in May of this year.

    Odd that it has only just come to light.

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  2. What a great find Sam. Thanks for confirming the details that for once the Daily Telegraph appears to have got correct!

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